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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The true "meaning" of a crap day.

So.. Everyone's bound to have them ever so often. A day that throws off everything you have ever known about bad days. Well let me address the wonderful weekend I had planned. First with good intentions, and family time in mind, My 3 day weekend was to consist of, Spending Saturday with my family. We were going to go visit my Grandparents, go pick up my best Friends daughter (might as well be my niece) Hannah, and go to the Park. What happened would actually break my heart. I was pushing Hannah and Maddy in the swings. Morgan was in her stroller watching right next to me.. LOVING IT.. of course (She is such an amazing baby) Issak was being pushed by daddy. It was a GEORGEOUS day! Maddy decided she wanted to go "push" Issak. I told Jon and got Maddy out of her swing.. She walked the very short distance between Jon and I, and at the last minute decided she wanted to swing in the swing next to Issak. She darted out in front of Issak before Jon or I had a secod to react, and Issak t-boned her with his feet directly in the chest. This made her do this flip sort of action and land at Issaks feet directly on her face. It was AWFUL. Maddy laid there for what seemed like 45 minutes (but was truley maybe 5 seconds) Jon grabbed her, she was not berathing. Issak had knocked the wind out of her when he hit. I grabbed her and ran to the van (which was across the park). I couldn't see her little face it was so covered in dirt mud and blood. After I got all the dirt off I realkized her nose was 3 times what it should be. At this point I am freaking.. ALSO can I just say how amazing it was that people came to help my husband with the other 3 kids, and got the Park police to come help me.

--------> side note: People can be jerks ok? But in this instance, it seriously let me know that there really are good people here. God has out them here. And God bless them for helping.

I took Maddy to the ER while my AMAZINGLY AWESOME husband took the other 3 children home... might I add ( a 7 month, 1 year and 6 year old..) Poor guy. At the er they did an Xray and Cat Scan to determine if she had a concussion. No concussion but Yes her nose is broken.. My poor baby.

It makes me want to cry, but I had to be strong for her to let her know it was going to be ok. After a demerol shot and lots of loving from the nurses and doctor, we went home.

---------> Side note... FYI: Demerol= HYPER
Thus ended a horrific Saturday.
We missed church Sunday.. (it seems I have done way to much of that lately) Kids being sick, Jon having gigs etc.. Too much going on..
Jon had a gig so he was gone all Sunday. I was here with the kiddos.. primarily it was a great morning, That afternoon we went to "Hoot and Yaya's" On the way... Jon stopped for Gas, the gas station was not working.. Yes not working
After waiting for about 15 minutes, we drove to another Gas station, upon the arrival there Jon realizes he left his gas cap on the top of the truck... and it is well.. GONE.. GREAT
We made it to "Hoot and YaYa's" and the kids rode an old power wheel chair of P.O's (yeah that's how we do it)

We stopped for Chinese (me NOT EVEN getting what I wanted.. DARN DIET), came home to find that the seal of our toilet is broken. Yeah broken..
SOOOO the water keeps running, and has been all day apparently..
We went to bed only to be woke up the entire night by a little girl (Morgan) who just didn't feel like sleeping.
Monday, feeling exhausted and a tad bit crabby, we still ventured to the zoo. Want to know how stupid I am? Try attempting the zoo, on labor day, with 3 kids, one of which has a broken nose. HA HA do you know how this ended? We actually had to leave after barely making it to the bamboo, (for those of you who don't know that's not even a fourth of the way through it) (Thank goodness for passes) We went to Apple bees to get some food, The hostess wouldn't seat us (we were with our good friends Chris and Rustin and their little guy Landyn.. and yes we drug them through this horrid day) We asked the guy if he could combine some tables, and he said no "fire regulations" We finally (after 20 minutes) got a table. No silver ware, not menus.. etc.. waited 10 minutes for our drinks.. They got Jon's order wrong once, Chris's wrong twice. Brought me no dressing for my salad. And the Manager basically didn't care.. UGGGHHHH
We hit traffic on the way home..Once we got there and I fixed dinner we all sat down to eat where Landyn immediately puked all over himself. (poor guy) He then acted as if he was having an asthma attack.. ETC His parent ended up having to take him to the er.
Now its TUESDAY.. and 2 of my kids have woke up with fevers.. the others nose is broken.

This was such a disheartening weekend. I did however enjoy spending time with my family and my kids. It was so nice seeing my husband and being at home, and getting a lot of chores done.

Weekends like this, make me appreciate the normalcy of my life, when we do not have complicated weekends and stuff is just normal.

Praying for a better weekend coming up..

Busy Bee J!