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Saturday, January 8, 2011

What a life...

New year.. New rules!

So my new years resolution was to keep my blog updated monthly... So here goes :) Our Christmas here at the Harris house was wonderful. Full of live, and the spirit. I am so very sad it is over. New years was probably one of the best and most entertaining parties we have had. I am in love with being surrounded by people I love, who love me as well. So now it's 2011. another resolution of mine was to run a marathon this year. I signed up for the music city marathon in April, and I also plan on doing one for Breast Cancer awareness. Wish me luck, I have another 40 lbs togo until goal!! Issak is getting bigger ever day.. I CAN NOT BELIEVE he is 7.. My little first grader is growing up, and it baffles me!

Maddy... Oh boy.. my little spit fire. She is getting big and growing up, and.. just.. WOW she is definitely paying me back 10-fold to the kind of child i was.. DEFINITELY

and Morgan... My sweet angel... She is walking, talking, on wole milk... She is nto a baby anymore, and I HATE IT... I do not want her to grow up. I miss her dependency.. but she is still so sweet, and oh how she loves her mommy.. She will be a year old in about a month....

There is a look into the last month or so of our life... More to come

Busy Bee J