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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just... Overwhelmed

Does any other mom have the issue of literally not having enough time? It takes me an hour at least to get to work.. I work 8-9 hours then it takes me an hour at least to get home. When I get home I have to make dinner clean up from dinner and then spend an hour or so playing.. Reading.. Checking homework.. Listening about days.. At the same time I am washing clothes.. Giving baths.. Etc. 

Most nights by 8:30 I'm actually able to sit down only to remember that I have laundry to do.. A bed to make.. Kitchen to clean.. Who the heck knows what else.

 Tonight we had sandwiches for dinner... Did that save me time? No.. Because I had two showers.. A bath.. And a nice story about glasses to deal with. 

The kids beebop between my home and their dads.. The weeks they are not here... Suck. I usually work very late and stay away from my house. 

So... I'm sitting here.. Absolutely exhausted..almost to tears actually. I have a mountain.. Literally a mountain of laundry to fold.. And another to wash.. Or four... Dishes to wash.. 

Overwhelmed isn't even the word. 

Did I mention how stressed I am about this thyroid thing?


Being a mom is the best thing.. But it's also the hardest thing ever. Tell me I'm not the only one...