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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Just because you donate doesn't make you a father

Let me start this out by saying this is in no way about my kids dad. This post is about some stuff I've seen and it's disgusting and well I want to blog my opinion. So here goes....

You are an awkward, in a weird place, different teenage girl. You've been cheated on, hurt, and left so many times that you're not sure you'll ever meet the guy.. Ya know.. That guy. The one.

Then one day you meet him. The one you think is your everything. The one you decide to give everything to, including your body.. Because you love him, and your heart controls your mind. And well you're happy. Most of the time, right?

Then life comes along..

And you get two straight lines on a test you didn't intend on taking for years.

You're pregnant..

But hey it's ok because you're in love.

But wait...

He isn't. He has left. Fighting starts.... Lies start. And you realize the man you fell in love with is nothing but a boy playing make believe.

He deserts you during your pregnancy. He lies and tells you everything you want to hear but does none of it. He misses appointments.. He pays for nothing.. He dumps you over and over again. Then one day it hits you.

I am going to be a single mom, because my daughters father is a child.

He is a deadbeat. Because if he isn't there for the pregnancy... Why would he be there for the actual hard part? The baby?

Here's my thoughts..

first of all the girl didn't get herself pregnant. It's as much responsibility to the boy as it is the girls.

Also.. What example is that man giving to his child? Would he want his daughter treated that way someday?

I also think this even stems from the parents that raised him..

It's time for parents to stand up and raise our kids to be good parents.

To let them know backing down from a challenge is not ok..

To let them know that there are some things you don't have choices about.

It's time for a lot of stupid boys to grow up. Just because you don't carry the child doesn't make you free from all responsibility.

It's time to be a damn parent.

It's time for responsibility.

It's time to man the hell up.

And if you can-

Practice abstinence before marriage or at least be safe....

Be safe..

Be safe

find your person...

Just saying