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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter.. a time of renewal.. THANK YOU

Family pictures were Sunday afternoon. Lets just say the kids were less than cooperative. It was a heck of a day. One of those days where at the end of it the ONLY answer is ice cream... Sigh...It was miserable, but the glorious glorious happy part was today...when I got the pictures back.. I will let them speak for themselves

So the crazy day had great rewards... HOWEVER the following day.. not so much. Having a daycare is the HARDEST JOB I HAVE EVER DONE... can i repeat that? HARDEST JOB EVER. I have to do stuff I have never done before, there are days I do not sit.. there are times I want to go sit in another room and cry.. ha ha anyway Monday.. WOW it was a rough day.. we had a kid throw a fake vaccum at my 1 year olds head.. same kid punch my other daughter in the face because I made him share. NO NAPS and my oldest was home sick....can we say aneurysm... I think that would have been better... lol

Onto today... Today was great. I tried on my bridesmaids dress that had to be taken up another 2 inches on each side 10 inches in all...:) I am ubber excited about that. Went by the grocery and did a super awesome coupon job saved a butt load of money.. The girls were so cute. Maddy was pushing her little buggie and saying.. "MOM do we need cookies??" " we need pudding" ha ha it was terrific. Morgan was all smiles as we went to the bakery and got them both cookies. We came home, Morgan went to sleep and Maddy and I dyed Easter eggs that I had bolied and we made Easter cupcakes.. Such and amazing day.

I am so happy for Easter. It is a time of renewal, a time for changes, and a time for remembering the sacrifices that have been given for us. I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Easter full of love and Family time!!

Busy Bee J