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Monday, September 14, 2015

It gets easier

Do you wanna know what's hard? Being a single parent. It doesn't get easier... Especially when you have another parent to deal with. I'll give you examples of things I'm sure parents with a partner take for granted... When it's 11 at night and you have heartburn and you're out of medicine.. And you really need medicine but you can't run to the store cause the kids are asleep... So you drink milk until you can't stand it and you go back to sleep. Or when your favorite bands in town and your best friends going but you have no sitter. When you really want new shoes but your son needs bells.. 

 Becoming a single mom has made me look at the phrase "put on your big girl panties and deal with it". There are so many things I do differently now. And there are times I can't believe I do it alone. I rearrange rooms, move TVs, cook, clean, fix boo boos, brush hair.... I amaze myself. 

 But you know what sucks the most about being a single parent... When they go back to their dads for his time.. And you sit in the quiet house, alone, with your heart breaking because you miss them. The loneliness sucks.. 

I have become a pro at being alone though it doesn't really get better. I miss adults.. I miss normal things. 

Being a single parent is the most rewarding experience I've faced because it has made me bullet proof. Not many people can say that.