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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Sickness Continues

No one has my luck...

Yeah yeah you may think you do.. BUT YOU DONT..

NO you don't.. trust me

Right when we are smooth sailing from a stomach virus it comes and knocks on our door


The flu.

It hit Jon first taking him out.. then Madalynn, then me of course as I was the nurse. Morgan got it last. (Issak stayed flu free)

Getting through a week of that was wonderful, but Saturday Morgan started coughing hard, it got increasingly worse i took her to the doctor to discover that she had Bacterial pneumonia.Breathing treatments every 2 hours Steroids and a very tired Mommy. Sigh..

I have missed 2 weeks of work with no pay mind you. Depressed doesn't even begin to cover my feelings right now.I am tired, overwhelmed, heartbroken, and pretty alone. Sigh.. but outside of the sickness.. we had a pretty crazy January. Issak just completed his first full week of school in 2011, BUT WAIT there is forecast in the snow tomorrow.. LOL ...We have had ridiculous weather..

My weight loss is a no go so far... I lost 5lbs then gained 2 the lost 4 then gained 2.. Sigh I have been stressed because of the sick crap and basically eating whatever is in the house instead of eating the healthy stuff. I am starting a cleanse Monday to get rid of the toxins. Wish me luck.

Maddy will not sleep. she has been staying up until the wee hours of the morning.. IE why I am typing this so late. She is up roaming the halls.. my little Satan.. LOL

If you will excuse me I have to go start a breathing treatment because Daddy forgot it before bed.. Sigh February PLEASE BE GENTLE