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Thursday, July 28, 2016

missing him


I don't blog often enough. I have to remind myself that it helps clear my thoughts... Or reset my brain if you will. Sometimes thoughts flow and you need to just put them on paper for everyone to see. 

You see I've had this month from hell. I know many know my grandfather passed away.. Beyond what an amazing man he was.. And what he meant to everyone else's life he touched... He was my grandfather.. My pa pa. My second everything. I still cry thinking of losing him. I haven't been able to talk about him without crying. I wear his shirt to bed.. I can still feel His presence at my grandmothers. I can hear him yelling about the liner of the pool.. Or hearing his testimony as to why I need to return to church. (I'm working on this) 

I can't put into words how much I miss this man. His presence. His voice.. And the way he loved me at times I didn't think anyone would. I lost my best friend. 

So I'll leave everyone with that.. A thought of his Donald Duck voice.. And how it's coming up on a month without him.. And I still feel like I am living in a fairy tale. 

I love you more than words my pa pa. 

Busy bee Jess 


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